I have posted in the past about the helpful research binder that former Judge Randall J. Newsome of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of California had made available on the Bankruptcy Court’s website. Although Judge Newsome has retired from the bench, fortunately Judge Charles Novack, also of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of California, has picked up the mantle and has continued to update the research binder. Judge Novack recently released the updated version covering cases through Volume 436 of Bankruptcy Reports. Follow the link in this sentence to access the entire binder in PDF format, which is capable of being searched using a key word or phrase.

The primary focus of the research binder is on Ninth Circuit law, as Judge Novack presides in the Northern District of California, but some out-of-circuit law is also included. The disclaimer Judge Novack includes puts the binder’s use in context:

I have the privilege of continuing Judge Randall Newsome’s research binder. Although this represents the aggregation of his 22 years of research (and my own several months of work), I make no claim as to its current level of accuracy. Some of the cases may well have been superseded, reversed or otherwise no longer be good law. I, like Judge Newsome, post it with the intention of assisting those who are researching bankruptcy matters within the 9th Circuit. Users should consider it a first, but not final research tool, and should cite check all cases before relying on them.

With those caveats, and with Judge Novack’s continuing work, the binder remains a good place to start when researching bankruptcy law issues in Ninth Circuit.