The American Bankruptcy Institute has launched a new site called "ABI’s Chart of the Day," featuring a new insolvency-related economic or financial chart daily, plus a collection of prior charts. The topics covered range from FDIC information showing potentially troubled financial institutions, to the percentage of real estate owned properties sold in certain markets, to economic statistics in comparison to past recessions.

ABI describes the site as follows:

This resource is provided to give insolvency professionals a daily visual peek at the state of the economy.

The charts include links to related news items and other data, covering trends in retailing, housing, commercial real estate, personal income, employment and other indicators important to insolvency professionals.

Please visit for a full suite of tools to stay informed.

This site joins other helpful, free offerings from ABI, such as the Bankruptcy Code Wiki, with the entire current Bankruptcy Code, and a Bankruptcy Rules site, with a handy search feature enabling you to search all of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure using key words.