As described in a post earlier this week, one of the major changes made by the new amendments to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure that took effect on December 1, 2007 was the inclusion of limits on the use of omnibus claim objections. Newly revised Rule 3007 restricts omnibus objections to certain situations and imposes formatting standards on the motions that can be filed. 

When describing the amended rule, I commented that the Delaware Bankruptcy Court, through Local Rule 3007-1, has had its own omnibus objection procedures for some time and that they seemed to be in conflict with the new national rule. Well, taking advantage of the "unless otherwise ordered by the court" language in amended Rule 3007(c), Chief Judge Mary F. Walrath of the Delaware Bankruptcy Court issued this General Order noting the conflict but directing that the amended Rule 3007(c) "shall not be applicable to omnibus objections that are filed in accordance with Local Rule 3007-1." As a result, barring an individual judge choosing to apply the national Rule 3007 procedure in a particular situation, omnibus objections in Delaware cases will continue to be governed by Delaware’s own local procedures.

Special thanks to Chuck Kunz of MorrisJames, publishers of the Delaware Business Bankruptcy Report, for alerting me to Delaware’s new General Order.