As reported last week, the Ad Hoc Committee of Equity Security Holders in the Northwest Airlines case, a group made up chiefly of hedge funds, recently complied with the Bankruptcy Court’s earlier orders and filed a Rule 2019 statement disclosing details of their trades. Having made the filing, it wasn’t clear whether the Ad Hoc Committee would continue to appeal from the Bankruptcy Court’s decisions compelling the disclosure. An answer to that question came late in the day on Monday, March 26.

New Appeal Filed. Late Monday, the remaining membership of the Ad Hoc Committee of Equity Security Holders filed a second notice of appeal, this time from the Bankruptcy Court’s original February 26, 2007 decision requiring the detailed statement to be filed. A copy of the new notice of appeal is available here. An earlier notice of appeal was filed from the Bankruptcy Court’s March 9, 2007 order denying a motion to file the Rule 2019 statement under seal. It appears that the earlier appeal will be pursued as well.

No Stay Pending Appeal. As previously reported, at a March 15, 2007 hearing the Bankruptcy Court also denied the Ad Hoc Committee’s motion for a stay pending appeal. However, the Ad Hoc Committee got until March 25, 2007 to seek a stay from the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. (Here’s the Bankruptcy Court’s order on the stay issue, which was filed only last Friday.) Despite the temporary reprieve, the Ad Hoc Committee apparently decided against seeking a stay pending appeal and instead went ahead and filed the updated Rule 2019 statement and then a new appeal.

The Disclosure Issue Moves To Another Court. With the new appeal filed Monday, this issue should be headed to the District Court for briefing and argument in the coming months. It’ll be interesting to see whether the District Court, sitting as an appellate court, has any different reaction to the disclosure issue. Stay tuned for future developments.